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Sprite Ginger Doesn't Exist

Sprite Ginger is an enigma. Endless raving reviews can be found online, and still, this perfect blend is relatively unknown. So how do we help a soda that is already on the brink of irrelevancy?

We tell everyone it was never real. 

2020 has already been overshadowed by conspiracy theories and media distrust, so let's get a little... suspicious. 

Press Release Official (2).jpg

An "official" press conference is held denouncing the internet hoax, clarifying that Sprite Ginger never actually existed. We then sit back and let things get weird. 

To pull this off we will need to strip the shelves of all Sprite Ginger... for now.

But slowly and strangly we'll reintroduce them around the country, but in all the wrong places. 

Conspirators Anonymous Podcast

As confusion grows, we plant a little misinformation of our own. (shhhhhh)

Sprite's regular ads start getting hijacked by conspiracy theorists attempting to spread "the truth." 

Sprite Radio Ad Hijacked

Art Director: Rebekah Bean

Content Creator: Sam Jorgensen

Copywriter: Brendan Nicholes


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