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 The Conscious Club 

Walks and Bops.
Rediscovering my neighborhood was cathartic through quarantine. 
I made a memorial to my favorite paths with a musical choose-your-own-adventure.
So next time you're in Provo, come by the club. 

Asset 1.png

I pasted "Spotify Codes" of my favorite songs to plastic plates
and cemented them to the streets of Provo. 

Each points to the next sonic destination creating an infinite number of routes.
Each path,
 perfect for wandering.

(p.s. If you ever walk it, make sure to stop by some essential snack spots strategically en route, including Smith's, 7-Eleven, and Provo Bakery.) 

But if you can't find the time, just kick it and take a listen. 

Or maybe just go for a little walk.

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